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    For businesses that need the capacity to fully customize their daily attendance and payroll, SignHR offers the power to fine-tune the attendance system the way you want, and run the payroll with any combination of direct pay, bank deposit, issuing checks and more.


    All our hardware units are directly imported from the original manufacturers. This ensures our customers that they get only the best while we get root level technical support from the official technicians overseas in hardware related missions.


    Being competent in a verity of services, we can alleviate our customers in a much stronger approach. We well understand your computer, the network and the people; hence, we can craft a better way out which shelters you within and outside.


    Call our experts for professional domain reservation and hosting services. We can help you in selecting the proper domains for you, our web design and hosting team has years of experience in designing mobile-ready rich websites with shopping carts and payment gateways.


    We always put our best effort to ensure the best quality service to all our customers at an affordable investment. Keeping this in mind, we have selected only a few world famous brands which have been vigourously tested by our team for reliability and service intergrity.


    It is your choice to take this prime opportunity to become one of our delighted customers. We train our people to become service experts planting “first class service always” in their minds. That leads us to have a humble pleasure by taking the customer’s pressure into SignHR.

How a good time and attendance system can help you?


Selects a buddy punching proof technology just to ensure the right person reported duty.


Defines your own shifts, rosters and calendars that exactly match your internal setup.


Helps to discontinue over pay by 6.5%, by eliminating error driven manual calculations.


Prepares standard and custom reports with accurately processed and audited details.

What makes SignHR Special?

With years of experience, we have sensed some unique administrative requirements of our long-term clients in diverse management setup. The SignHR software series is to serve them as either stand-alone or as networked applications.

For businesses looking for human resources (HR) and payroll solution, SignHR Attendance and Payroll software helps streamline all steps associated with recording employee attendance, keeping payroll, and helps to calculate payroll tax and to print standard and custom reports.

In this semi-automated system, the attendances of the employees are recorded with a biometric device such as a fingerprint scanner and the recorded data is processed with the SignHR software which suit best to your prestige organization.

The SignHRsystem was primarily developed for multiple types of industries, including hotels, factories, distribution, retail, engineering service and more, and it has been designed in such a way that any business can select only the applicable software package which suits them best.

What makes EyeDia specific?


The unique ambition in building our company is to produce the most reliable human resource management systems to all our customers .We work on hard to build a company that delivers its promises to all our customers and do it with a unique quality at all times.

The Focus

We are well focused on what we know and what we can do. While continuously looking for new ideas, we are keen not to drift into unknown areas as that directs ourselves and our customers in dilemma. Our growth is continuous, yet we grow into known territories.


The customer need is well and deeply understood by the EyeDia founders, as we ourselves have experienced that need and we also discovered that the specific need was not yet well met by any other company. Our aspiration is to ensure that the customer meets his need.


We believe that satisfying the customers requires persistent concentration. We are much confident on our capabilities to deliver the right service to our customers at the exact quality expected while attending their sevice need promptly.


We employ all our associates in building our business. That includes our staff, our customers and even our competitors. We trust that the ideas can come in all direction, not top to bottom always. We are inspired by engaging all our people widely in decision making.

Our key products?

A centralize database to record and utilize all vital employee information in an easy and productive way.

Eliminating paper work and manual attendance management, experience the clarity of attendance management.

A semi automated solution to keep up employee financial records updated for permanent and daily paid employees.

Our Key Competencies

Software Development

Thinking to computerize your manual business process with flexible and extendable software systems, call our experts for an onsite evaluation.

Web Development

Be served by our professional and creative web developers at your service. We make mobile-ready optimized web sites for search engine visibility.

Web & Email Hosting

Experience our DNS, Web and Email hosting services to publish your website and get the email address created in your own domain name.

Domain Management

Uphold a better impression in your customers by having a unique domain name for your business. Our people will look after your domain and the services.

Networking & Telco

Our expertise extends to computer networking and in-house telecommunication solutions. Seek our professional assistance in designing and implementation.

Information Security

Make your organization proof against attacks within and outside of your communication platform. We like to share our knowledge on online security.

Access Control

Ensure the right person is in the right place, at the right time, in your business. Our access control solutions will keep you informed who was in and was out.

CCTV Systems

Our CCTV Camera systems would keep looking about what’s happening in your business 24 X 7 X 365. Only the best brands are recommended for you.

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