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SignHR Time Attendance Software

For businesses that need the capacity to fully customize their daily attendance and payroll, SignHR offers the power to fine-tune the attendance system the way you want, and run the payroll with any combination of direct pay, bank deposit, issuing checks and more.

The software combines a number of time-tracking options and features with an easy-to-use interface.

It tracks all of a business's time needs, including when employees come and go, when they take breaks, how long they work on certain projects or departments, and how much overtime they've accumulated.

Excellent customer support, unique features and tools which any businesses of any size would want in a time attendance system in Sri Lanka, keep SignHR attendance software ahead.

SignHR attendance "Nine Steps"...

Company Information
Name, Branches & Departments
Contact Information
Late & Overtime Policies
Link the Attendance Devices
Employee Information
Basic Identification Details
Working Department
Attendance & Overtime Profile
Leave Entitlement
Company Calendar
Set the Annual Working Plan
Define Working & Holydays
Setup the Attendance & Overtime Policy
Create custom Holiday Types
Setup the Work Shifts
Create Custom Shifts
Define Split Shifts & Midnight Crossover
Assign Employees to Shifts
Set the Overtime Parameters
Setup the Rosters
Create Rosters with Graphical Interface
Assign Employees to Rosters
Individual or Multiple Selections
Batch-wise Assigning Facility
Download the Attendance Data
Selective Download with Online Devices
USB File transfer for Offline Devices
Full or Adaptive Download Method
Custom modules to Download Remote Device Data
Logical Data Processing
Processing Based on Shift & Roster Rules
Highlights Missing Attendance
Enabled Re-Processing Old Data
Calculates Overtime and Absent Information
Identify & Correct Inconsistent Data
Authorized Correction of Missing Attendance
Identifies the Absent Employees
Enables Applying Leave for the Approved
Removes Multiple Punches
Generate the Reports
Employee Information Report
Attendance Reports
Leave and Absent Reports
Overtime Reports

Need more information? We stand always for you...

With years of experience, we have sensed some unique administrative requirements of our long-term clients in diverse management setup. The SignHR software series is to serve them as either stand-alone or as networked applications.

The system was primarily developed for multiple types of industries, including hotels, factories, distribution, retail, engineering service and more, and is designed so that businesses can select only the applicable software package which suits them best.

If you need more information, you can submit a request with this inquiry form so that we can give you a personalized explanation.