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SignHR Payroll Software

“Money Paid to Employees” or Payroll is a significant and very sensitive operation in any company for several reasons. Being subjected to laws and regulations, the payroll is considered crucial from accounting perspective as payroll and the payroll taxes considerably affect the income of the company.

More over, the payroll is critical as employees are very much sensitive to payroll errors and irregularities. Good employee morale requires payroll to be paid timely and accurately. The primary mission of the SignHR payroll is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately with the correct withholdings and deductions.

SignHR Payroll works interconnected with SignHR attendance and payroll software, plus it can work as an entirely separate program provided that the attendance information is imported from a spread sheet or by feeding them manually.

SignHR payroll "Six Steps"...

Use SignHR Time and Attendance Software as the data source, you can use a spread sheet or direct key-in method as alternatives.

You can process the payroll and audit the output for any mistakes. Once everything is checked and finalizes, you may run the final process and print the reports and pay slips.

Use the built-in tools to transfer salary details to your bank.

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SignHR is a more practical, smart and easy software that will administrate your employee’s financial records with accuracy in mind. This system is the outcome of numerous efforts taken by the best people in the industry over years.

In this special software, the customer is allowed to setup pay equations himself and he can later edit them if your company rules change or when new government rules come into action.

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